Berry Fruit

Windermere Farms is well known for its berry fruit, principally strawberries and raspberries but also for blackberries and blueberries.

Whanganui’s milder summers are conducive to a longer strawberry-growing season from mid October to May (and often June) and are less disease prone.

Its colder winters are especially suitable for raspberries.

Traditionally the raspberries have come in two crops, November-early January, and March-April.



We develop a better taste profile for our strawberries and raspberries by leaving our fruit on the plant for as long as possible before harvest to allow for more natural ripening. We then pick, pack and deliver our berry fruit fresh on a daily basis.


We have a full range of free-flow frozen berry fruit available all year round including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries which are suitable for desserts, toppings, smoothies, jam etc.

These berries are picked when fully-ripened and the flavour and quality is preserved through our I.Q.F. (Individual quick frozen) process.

Fruit Wine

We have a variety of fruit wine available with 1 litre of our award winning raspberry wine requiring over 1 KG of raspberries! Best served cold as a dessert wine, but can be drunk on any occasion. Also available is raspberry liqueur, strawberry wine, strawberry liqueur, and blast from the past, 'blackberry nip'!


Where To Buy:

You can buy our fresh berries at the following locations:

Windermere Berry Farm - 313 State Highway 3, Whanganui


Strawberries are the most popular berry fruit in the world and are very rich in vitamin C and a high source of nutrients. They are also a source of anti-oxidants and their unique phenol content makes them a heart-protective, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory fruit. Windermere produces a prolific strawberry crop from October through until May.

We pick and pack to order and can deliver daily. We have a wide range of berry sizes available, including stem berries suitable for dipping in chocolate sauce for special occasions.



Raspberries are especially suited to the Whanganui climate. They are the second-most popular berry fruit in the world with a memorably unique flavor and texture, rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre, low in cholesterol and fat, and a high source of anti-oxidants.

Properly-ripened raspberries are wonderfully rich in colour and flavour. They are a delicious, delicate fruit and best consumed fresh and not stored for any length of time.


Blackberries and blueberries

We produce the most wonderful tasting blueberries and blackberries - you'll love them!