Thank you for your interest in Windermere Farms. We welcome your enquiry and we will respond accordingly very shortly. We are focusing on an e-mail/text system as we are not well set up for phone calls.

Preferred contact is by email; the phone is regularly in use, or the holder in meetings.

Bookings are not needed for the cafe, however for a group of more than 8 people, send a text message to 0276355300, with the name, number of people, date, time as well as any special requirements.

If you must contact us by phone, please send a text message to 0276355300 with the details, and request a call back (calls are usually unanswered due to the nature of the business).

If looking for employment follow the instructions on the 'Employment' page.

Contact Details

Windermere Farms, 313 State Highway 3, R D 4, Westmere, Whanganui 4574

For all orders and enquiries please :
Phone: None
Fax: None