Picking & Packing employment

We are currently hiring seasonal picking employees for the 23/24 season for the month of March as at 04/3/24

Permanent employment

Currently looking for people with a combination of leadership skills and practical skills.

  • Building and maintenance work during off-season
  • Leading seasonal harvest teams during harvest

We are prepared to put training into a high energy individual who doesn't have the leadership skills yet, but wants to learn them

Cafe employment

Windermere Cafe is open from the week before labour day until approximately the end of April. The 23-24 season is currently fully staffed, it does have the ability to change. September is the best time to put applications in.


How To Apply

Please Click here to access and complete the attached Windermere Employment Application Form and email to:

Cafe =sutherdaveland@gmail.com

Everything else =manager@windermerefarms.co.nz

(NB. The form needs to be printed off in order to complete the details)


Please email manager@windermerefarms.co.nz and provide your details and contact information.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.